From Families

Letters & Testimonials

Katie Lambden

I felt so comfortable with Jessica from the beginning. When the time came to labor, I trusted her totally and was able to relax into the job at hand. I could follow any suggestions or instructions she gave me with the complete security that whatever she suggested was a good course; I never had to waste an ounce of energy second-guessing her. Even when there was a complication delivering the placenta, I had full faith that she could handle it, which she did with utter professionalism and calm. She was full present without ever seeming to intrude on the privacy of the experience. I (and 3 other family members) have wonderful memories of my son's birth, thanks in large part to the gentle support Jessica provided.

Kristy Mellon

When I found out that I was pregnant for my second time, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife. I did some research and had a list of several in the area, including some that had been recommended by friends. Jessica was at the top of the list, and was the first that I met with. As soon as I met her, I knew that I would not have to meet with anyone else. She was just the combination of Earth Mother and Health Professional that I was looking for. She was compassionate, funny and nurturing but also incredibly well educated and knowledgeable in her profession. Being an alternative health care professional myself, I was very happy that she respected my areas of expertise and worked with me in a collaborative effort throughout my pregnancy in all areas.

My birthing experience was just what I had hoped for; intense, but also peaceful and as relaxed as such an experience can be. Jessica and her assistant allowed me to follow my instincts throughout the process while gently offering every imaginable support at the times when I needed it. My baby was born in the water, with eyes wide open and the most chilled out, peaceful disposition.

If I ever find myself pregnant again, Jessica will be the first person I will call...I wouldn't even consider going through that journey with anyone else!

Dana Caukins

Jessica was my midwife for my second child and I feel so blessed to have found her and received her compassionate, focused, highly skilled care. The birth was great and her postpartum care benefited not just me and my baby, but many other moms with whom I shared what I learned from Jessica.

Sally Wright

Looking back on Annelore's birth, the thing that I remember and rejoice in the most (besides a happy, healthy baby) is a wonderful second stage-- the pushing part. With my first four children this proved to be the most difficult part for me. I had heard that for many women this was the most satisfying part, but not for me. I discussed this at length with Jessica. She was a great resource for articles and books to read and videos to watch and learn from. When the second stage rolled around I felt prepared. With Jessica's coaching I truly remember feeling only progress and not pain! It is such a gift to have that positive memory for the last part of labor. Bless you for all of your hard work.

Rebecca & Mike Vreeland

We are so grateful to Jessica for sharing her many gifts with us while guiding us through our first pregnancy and birth. She helped us in so many ways, it is hard to recount them all. Jessica's warmth and genuine concern for our family's well-being made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Jessica helped to make the birth of our first child such a beautiful and rewarding experience that we can't imagine doing it any other way. We feel very fortunate to have found Jessica at the right time in our lives! Thanks Jess!!