The Care I Offer


Comprehensive Holistic Prenatal Care

I invite you and your family into my home office for prenatal visits. I live in a quiet, rural area where I grow many of the herbs that I use for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. My children are home and love to visit and play with all of the children that show up on "prenatal days". Alternatively, you may choose to have all prenatals done in your own home. I travel to all areas of northern New Jersey.

We will meet 1x/month until week 28, 2x/month until week 36, and each week until labor. When I schedule, I allow a full hour for each prenatal. This provides for a very relaxed visit. There is plenty of time to assess mom and baby's wellbeing, address concerns, discuss nutrition and optimal health, share information, and enjoy our time together. I perform the full range of laboratory testing in the office (or your home) so that you do not have to go somewhere else. Most insurance companies cover, at least partially, the services that I provide. Many families receive incorrect information regarding homebirth coverage when they inquire about their maternity benefits. Please contact me so that I can help you get coverage for your homebirth.

A home visit is scheduled at 36 weeks for all families that have been meeting for prenatals in my home office. This is an opportunity for me to become familiar with your home, see that your birth supplies are ready, and discuss final preparations for the birth and postpartum.

I have an extensive lending library with books, DVDs, and CDs that I encourage you to borrow from.

Family Centered Homebirth

When you go into labor and are ready for me, I come to your home and provide continuous care during your labor and birth. This care is extremely individualized - many of the families that I work with appreciate having a midwife that is able to remain "hands off" unless help is truly needed. For these families, I enjoy remaining "invisible" while witnessing the process unfold as a truly family-centered event. Other families appreciate having a very active midwife - massage, endless comfort techniques, guided visualization, and herbs can help provide the care that these families need. My goal is to monitor both your labor and the wellbeing of your baby without detracting from the birth process. Regardless of the presence you require, you can be assured that there is a skilled, quietly attentive midwife with you throughout.

In addition to a traditional midwife's birth supplies, I carry the following items to each birth in case of the occasional situation in which one is needed: oxygen, bag and mask for neonatal resuscitation, IV therapy equipment, basic anti-hemorrhagic medications, and suturing supplies.

Many women choose to labor and/or birth in water. Many women also choose to "catch" their own babies or to have a family member receive the baby. I greatly encourage this and will help facilitate a gentle and confident "receiving".

After the baby is born, I remain in your home long enough to insure that breastfeeding is established, the newborn exam is complete, you are well fed, and you and your baby are in stable and confident condition.

Postpartum Home Visits

The first days and weeks after birth is a tremendous time. My hope for all families is that the tender time after a new baby's arrival will be marked with bliss. There are many preparations that can be done that allow families the time to deeply enjoy the first weeks after birth. These weeks fly by - never to return - and it is my goal to help you be infinitely present during this precious time.

I incorporate many herbs, relaxation techniques, body healing exercises, and nutrition aids during our postpartum visits. Honest disclosure, laughter, and lightheartedness are some of the "tools" that I carry in my postpartum bag.

The schedule of postpartum visits varies with each family's needs, but a minimum of 3 visits (24 hours, 3-5 days, and 6 weeks) is done during the postpartum period. The birth certificate is filed and PKU testing, if desired, is performed.

We remain in close phone contact during the first couple weeks regardless of how many postpartum visits you require.