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My personal journey to midwifery began long before I had any knowledge of my vocation...

I am committed to the belief that pregnancy and birth is a normal, natural process that a...

The birth was amazing. It really was the most intense experience of my life..

Family Centered Homebirth - When you go into labor and are ready for me, I come to your home and provide continuous care during your labor and birth. This care is extremely individualized - many of the families that I work with appreciate having a midwife that is able to remain "hands off" unless help is truly needed. For these families, I enjoy remaining "invisible" while witnessing the process unfold as a truly family-centered event. Other families appreciate having a very active midwife - massage, endless comfort techniques, guided visualization, and herbs can help provide the care that these families need. My goal is to monitor both your labor and the wellbeing of your baby without detracting from the birth process. Regardless of the presence you require, you can be assured that there is a skilled, quietly attentive midwife with you throughout.